One-Night Stand Galway Girl Seeks Father Of Her 7-Year-Old Child


ALMOST seven years after giving birth, a Galway girl who became pregnant after a one-night stand has appealed for help in finding the father of her son.

In a heartfelt plea issued on social media, the Salthill native stressed that while she doesn’t want anything from the man, she feels that he has the right to know he has a young son.

The woman, now in her late twenties, met the man on a rainy day while walking along the Long Walk area of Galway. Describing the man as “well travelled”, the pair struck up a conversation, and before too long found themselves back in her downtown flat where they enjoyed a one-night stand.

“I know it’s a long time ago, but he might remember me,” wrote the woman, on a Facebook post that has been shared almost a thousand times since being read out on the Ryan Tubridy show.

“I have black hair, and blue eyes. We had a one-night stand, and the next  morning I had to leave early so I just left him in my flat on his own, and he let himself out later on when he woke up. It was just one of those things, I didn’t think too much about it, until six weeks later I discovered I was pregnant”.

“My son is turning seven now, and he has a great relationship with his step-dad. But I think it’s only fair that I give him a chance to meet his father, the man who gave me a whirl all those years ago”.

Anyone with information is asked to contact [email protected].