Couple On Tinder Date Spend First Ten Minutes Explaining Why They’re On Tinder


A FIRST date between two Tinder users passed smoothly at the weekend with both participants able to convince the other that they’re only trying out the online dating app “for a laugh”, and that they have no problems meeting people in real life.

Paul Carraher, 32, enjoyed a Saturday lunch date with fellow Tinder user Shireen McKenna, 28, where the pair met each other for the first time and set about a ten minute conversation revolving around why exactly they’re resorting to online dating.

Phrases such as “everyone is using Tinder” and “I was bored of the pub scene” were thrown around with aplomb, until both parties were satisfied that they had convinced the other that they had no significant social hang-ups or worrying personality traits.

“I reckon I was able to convince her that I’m only on Tinder because all my mates recommended it; and not because I consider it to be my last true hope of ever meeting someone,” said Carraher, still hurting from a lifetime of failed relationships.

“By the time our starters came, we were both relaxed enough to get to know each other, and we could enjoy ourselves without feeling like we were a pair of desperate souls searching for some small shred of happiness”.

Ms. McKenna echoed Carraher’s statement, adding she was only using Tinder because it is “fun”, and not because she was sick of all the terrible decisions she’s made over the past ten years with men that she met in bars while being drunk and lonely.