Outrage As Polish Doctor Poses With Fly Swatter And Dead Fly


POLISH doctor Paval Gabriś faced an angry backlash after posting an image of himself online holding a fly swatter while sitting over a dead fly on his kitchen table.

Thousands of people took to his Facebook profile picture to leave comments branding him as a “deranged psychopath” and a “disgrace to humanity”.

The general practitioner dismissed the criticism and vowed to carry on killing insects, despite the outrage and international fury.

“I kill them for fun and I like it,” he told the Daily Mail newspaper last week. “People think I’m a bad person. This is natural and humans have been killing flies for millennia.”

Boasting further, the 59-year-old doctor said he also likes to kill moths, bees, spiders and even harmless little ants with his swatter, and warned insect rights activists that he will swat them too if they come near his home in Warsaw, which is located on 35 Fransiska Hynca street, in the city (blue door, top buzzer).

Since posting the image on Facebook last Thursday, the hunter has received numerous death threats and his home was vandalised with spray paint, calling him a ‘Murdering Bastard Cunt’.

“Wait till you see the wasp I squashed last night,” he taunted through a recent status update. “I got him real good.”

Sources claim Mr. Gabriś began killing dust mites at an early age, and worked his way up the insect chain over the years.

“What next, mice?” asked one worried commentator. “This animal should be put down.”