CAO Points For The Dole Reach Record High


SOME students were left disappointed this morning as the CAO points for college courses went live at 6am.

However, there was no more significant a shock than the one that greeted students hoping for a place on the Dole as points for the Dole rose to their highest level in Leaving Cert history.

Dole places are allocated to students some 3 months after the finishing of the Leaving Cert which means come September some students are left disappointed due to competition for places on the popular course.

Points for the course are now in excess of 500 for the first time in the course’s history, but students can look forward to a three-year course with a weekly payment of €100.

While not as prestigious as it once was due to Government funding cuts, Dole students can look forward to a boost in their earning power to €144 a week after successfully completing 3-years of the course, should they wish to continue their studies.

The Government for their part have denied claims they artificially massaged the number of students they take onto the course, simply stating that demand for the course is at a 5 year low.

Despite the increase in points it is believed 1 in 5 students will be guaranteed a place which we be a relief to some worried students.