WWN Fashion: How To Get The Conor McGregor Look


IT’S fair to say we here at WWN love a good tailored suit, which is something we share in common with Conor McGregor. But, it seems very few of the MMA behemoth’s fans have followed in the fighter’s footsteps of pairing shaved back and sides, a beard and a suit together.

So, in an effort to get you out there and ahead of the fashion curve, WWN will help you get that Conor McGregor look!

If you’re a devoted Conor McGregor fan, but don’t know what to do with your unresolved homoerotic feelings towards him, there really is no better way to resolve things than by dressing and looking as much like him as you can.

Conor’s attitude toward preparation and hard work along with a focus on career, which is unmatched by almost anyone else on the planet, are all well and good but we can learn nothing from that – his look is where it’s at.

The hair: this one is straight forward, grab a razor and hack away at the sides and back of your head. Think of the haircut your mother would like you to have and then do the complete opposite. If cost is an issue, simply use a scissors and make the buzzing noise of the electric hair trimmer with your mouth instead.

The beard: once again easy peasy. Just grow out your beard to the point where you’re fairly confident your own mother wouldn’t recognise you, presuming you to be some homeless brute. Now tidy things up with a trimmer and voila; you have the beard.

Can’t grow facial hair? A combination of glue and excess pubic hair should be able to cover over the cracks. It’s not like your pubic region is really doing anything with the hair anyway.

The tattoo: although optional, if you really want to prove your devotion to Conor, go to the zoo, walk around with your hands over your eyes and then when ready uncover them; if you happen to be staring at a tortoise, a seal, or a penguin, then get that fucker on your body somewhere.

The suit: not many people know that the suit was universally derided by all humans throughout the course of human existence until Notorious taught us that it’s OK to wear one, you’re still cool and even quite dapper. Tweed and check all the way.

There are a great many affordable suit emporiums across Ireland, but since you might be one of thousands who is mistakenly listening only to soundbites from Ireland’s most famous MMA fighter and not all that boring stuff about dedication and hard work, then get down to your local credit union, lie about what you need the money for and then off with you to the most expensive place you can find.

Now your look is complete. Why be fashion forward when you can be fashion vertiginous. Hat tip to Conor McGregor and Penneys.