O’Donovan Rossa Buried Twice This Weekend For Some Reason


THE Irish public has expressed a great deal of confusion regarding the decision to commemoratively reenact the burial of Irish Republican Brotherhood founder O’Donovan Rossa twice. On the same day. In the same city.

An official Glasnevin cemetery service was attended by the Taoiseach and the President and included a reenactment of Padraig Pearse’s graveside oration, which many credit as the match that lit the fire that was Rising, while hours later across the city, Sinn Féin carried out a full funeral procession for the Irish Republican Brotherhood founder, making sure to mark the centenary of Rossa’s burial.

“Look it, I’m a bit bad at me history like, but how deadly was the lad? Hardly, deadly enough to get the two commemorative burials in the one day,” queried Dubliner Michael Ganley, questioning the need for the Government and opposition parties to separately honour the prominent Fenian leader.

Ganley’s sentiments were echoed by other members of the public who were quite perturbed by the commemorations which kicked off the 1916 commemorations in earnest.

“The courage, doggedness and bravery Rossa showed in his time in British prisons, still to this day impress me and I’ve made my children as aware of history as I can,” explained the proud Irish woman, Ellen Casey, “but, still, one burial reenactment is enough, I reckon,” she added before a person representing the Government from the shadows to assure Mrs. Casey that Government run commemorations have the better balloons and fireworks.

Sinn Féin confirmed that their funeral procession was infinitely better than anything that the Government had done, explaining that their state of the art ‘patriotism-o-meter’ had rated the event at 11 out of 10.

“The technology is in its infancy, but there’s no doubting the stirring pride felt by those who attended, those who directly partook in the recreation and by Rossa himself no doubt,” Gerry Adams, Sinn Féin leader confirmed to WWN.