Taoiseach Dusts Off Old ‘It’s All Fianna Fáil’s Fault’ Excuse At Banking Inquiry


TAOISEACH Enda Kenny appeared before the banking inquiry during this morning’s session to discuss his role in the crisis as then leader of the opposition.

Before even taking to his seat the Taoiseach pulled out an old and crumpled file from his briefcase, before blowing off the considerable dust that had gathered on it.

Now waving it in the air for everyone present in the room to see the Taoiseach cleared his throat and fixed his eyes on the text emblazoned across the file.

“It’s all Fianna Fáil’s fault,” he declared, reading studiously from the page. Met with blank expressions, the Taoiseach then repeated the statement several times as he feared he may not have been heard.

“An Taoiseach,” inquiry member Pearse Doherty said, wearing a confused look, “we haven’t even asked you a question yet, do you mind taking a seat”.

The Taoiseach, instead of taking a seat, simply began asserting his one line statement again but with increasing volume. It was then that a voice from the public gallery emerged, challenging the Taoiseach’s evidence.

“Now hang on, I’m sick of this. The Greens get forgotten in all of this, where’s our portion of the blame. This isn’t fair,” Greens leader Eamon Ryan expressed, seeking any semblance of acknowledgement that the Greens still exist and also deserve some recognition of blame.

Once the inquiry settled back into its question and answer flow, the Taoiseach answered “it’s all Fianna Fáil’s fault” to all 249 questions posed. The inquiry continues.