Journalism Graduate Lands Dream Job Copying & Pasting Tweets


AN OVERJOYED journalism graduate is celebrating today after securing the position of chief Twitter copy and pasting technician at a leading news publication.

Niamh Fennell, 23, took up her position overseeing all copying and pasting of tweets sent by celebrities as well as normal everyday individuals who use vaguely popular hashtags earlier this morning.

“It’s a real slog out there, so I was delighted to get the job, but better yet in my desired field of copy and pasting tweets…I’m so happy,” Niamh gushed, before talking us through how 4 years of a journalism degree prepared her for this moment.

“You’ve got to apply critical thinking when in the media game, which celebrity’s Twitter should I look at today, or which hashtag should I search through today to make an article out of,” Niamh explained.

“I’m just glad I’ve been able to utilise my studies, and in particular the issues I explored in my thesis; Unreliable Narrator: Arab Spring Journalism,” the journalism graduate added before double checking if Kim Kardashian had uploaded another selfie since she last checked 73 seconds ago.

Niamh is no stranger to paying her dues, as exemplified by her previous stint as an intern at another publication.

“Yeah, that was a real learning curve alright, but they only let me go near Twitter favourites on that one, so safe to say I’m like the cat that’s got the cream now I’m let loose on retweets, tweets and hashtags,” the journalist revealed.