4 Best Places To Leave A Fifty For The NCT Tester


TAKING your car for an NCT test can be one of the most stressful times in a motorist’s year, with a stunning 80% of people polled admitting that they have no clue where in the vehicle to leave a €50 note for the tester, to guarantee their car passes.

Worry no longer, as WWN presents a guide to the 4 best places to leave a sly few quid, ensuring another 12 months of hassle free driving!

1) Stuck in the vents

The most important thing about slipping the NCT lad a fifty is that he must know you’re slipping him a fifty: so don’t just leave it in a place where he might think you just normally leave money. It needs to be obvious, it needs to scream “TAKE ME PLEASE”. Stuck in the air vents in the central column of the dashboard is the ideal place for this.

2) In the sun visor

Again, there’s no sense leaving a fifty somewhere that it won’t be seen: a lot of people will tell you to leave it in the ashtray, but an NCT tester has no reason to open your ashtray for anything. Leaving it in the sun visor is nice and subtle, and he can’t possibly miss it… as long as you leave the visor down when you hand over the car!

3) In the boot

Just right there, in the middle of your empty boot. Held in place with a thumb tack in the carpet, where he’ll see it instantly when he opens the boot. The tester will be under no illusion as to what this fifty is for, or if he should take it. It’s just right there, screaming hey! I’m yours! Pass this car!

4) Stuck in cracks caused by rust or damage

If you want to convey the message that hey, I know my car is a piece of shit and I’m hoping that by bribing you I’ll be allowed to drive it for another 12 months without doing repairs, then your best course of action is to leave a fifty somewhere on the car that obviously needs repair. If there’s some damage or rust visible on the body or the chassis of the vehicle, then just fold up your fifty and tuck it in there. You’re literally saying, see this crack? No you don’t, cos there’s a fifty in it!