Pluto Pic Delay As New Horizons Craft Unsure What Instagram Filter To Use


SPACE agency NASA has announced there will be a slight delay today with photographs from their New Horizons craft due to complications regarding what Instagram filters to use when it passes Pluto this evening.

After spending nearly ten years travelling to the lonely planet, which is located on the outskirts of the solar system, New Horizons sent back a coded message, stating it was having difficulty choosing between ‘Vintage’, ‘Hefe’ and ‘Grungy’.

“We were due to receive images almost an hour ago,” said New Horizons’ Mission Operations Manager Alice Bowman. “Instead, we got a shortlist of Instagram filters, with a question mark”.

After conferring with her team, Ms. Bowman confirmed that ‘Grungy’ is the filter they will go for, and sent the message back to the craft, which is currently 3 billion miles from Earth.

“It should take our instructions four and a half hours to reach New Horizons,” she later confirmed.

In a major coup for Facebook-owned Instagram, NASA agreed to debut its first surface image of Pluto on the wildly popular photo sharing service, but did not predict today’s hiccup.

Meanwhile, critics of Pluto have slammed the agency’s decision to use Instagram, stating that ‘real planets don’t need filters’, with many outspoken critics even calling the craft a ‘hipster’.