Obama Just Totally Clocked Out At This Stage


SOURCES close to Barack Obama have confirmed that he has just totally clocked out at this stage, as his term as the 44th and current President of the United States draws to a close.

Obama, whose second and final term comes to an end next year, has taken to spending his days playing solitaire on his laptop and just walking around the White House swinging his arms, asking how everyone is getting on.

Although still facing mountains of work, including race relations, economic reforms and foreign policy, Obama has pushed most jobs to the side in order to concentrate on what he’s going to do next year when everything is someone else’s problem.

“He’s just kinda winding down at this stage,” said one White House aide, who wished to remain anonymous.

“You get the impression that he sees no reason to start any new projects because he won’t get to see them come to fruition. Projects and policies that work has already begun on are stacking up on his desk, which is a pure mess at this stage. He just spends his days googling golf courses and gyms, and listening to Spotify”.

As the presidential race to elect his successor heats up, Obama was recently spotted sneaking out the back of the Oval Office to go down the town for a sly pint at lunchtime.