The Uncropped Image Of THAT Kim Kardashian Photoshoot The Media Don’t Want You To See


THE latest Kim Kardashian fashion photo shoot has come under fire from critics across the globe today for its rather mundane tone, depicting the reality star in skin coloured underwear and black stockings, scaling what appears to be a gravel pit.

However, what is not known is that the original image was cropped, to tailor the media’s agenda, and the shoot itself actually took place in the Palestinian city of Gaza, as part of a failed awareness campaign by the Hollywood couple.

“We wanted to do something to highlight the issues in Palestine,” husband Kanye West told WWN this afternoon, who directed the shoot. “This was our time to shine, but when we sent the pictures to our agent, he said they were ‘too grey and boring’ for print, and that he was going to crop it so it was more appealing to the public.”

“We had no idea he was going to crop out everything, but Kim,” he added.

Exclusively revealing the original to WWN, Mr. West hoped the uncropped image would somehow redeem his abilities as a photographic director.

“This was my first try at something like this and it’s very disheartening when you hear people are shitting all over it. Do they not know who I am?” he said. “Hopefully now that this whole thing is cleared up and I can progress further as an artist. It ain’t easy trying new things. Especially when you’ve already mastered the music industry: people have high expectations.”

The couple are due to fly into Syria on Monday to continue their conflict awareness campaign at an ISIS training camp.