The 5 Times Michael Collins Was Your Spirit Animal


APART from being one of the defining figures in Irish history, Michael Collins is probably most famous for being your spirit animal!

1. When you order the double cheeseburger in Eddie Rockets but your tiny burger-loving mouth can’t fit it all in your mouth.


2. When your friends are all breaking their shit laughing about something and you laugh along just so you’re not missing out. Been there.

Four prominent Irish political figures attend a match (1919)

3. When your best friend tells you that your new hat totally doesn’t suit you but you pull it off like the bad bitch you are. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaas Queen!


4. When you lose your friends in the nightclub and try desperately to spot them on the dance-floor for what feels like an eternity. The feels.


5. When you sign your death warrant completely unaware of the vapid culture that will overtake, overshadow and infiltrate your legacy.