Katie Taylor To Coach Conor McGregor On How To Win Fights And Shut Up About It


OLYMPIC gold medalist Katie Taylor has become the latest member of “The Notorious” Conor McGregor’s backroom staff, where she will train the UFC fighter on how to win fights and shut up about it.

Katie, currently through to the final of a European championship you didn’t even know was taking place, has become one of Ireland’s premier sportspeople despite never really doing interviews or talking much about herself or her accomplishments.

The Bray native has been personally selected by McGregor ahead of his UFC Featherweight championship bout with Jose Aldo next month, which he has been yelling about in press conferences and UFC events for the last six months.

There have been rumours in UFC circles that McGregor fears he may be addicted to talking about himself, and as such has hired the softly-spoken Taylor to help him work on his “shutting the fuck up” skills.

“Conor has honed every aspect of his fight game, but he just cannot shut his fucking mouth for five minutes,” said a source close to the Dublin brawler.

“On the other hand, Katie regularly wins championships left and right, and she could be standing beside you in Spar and you wouldn’t know it. So hopefully she’ll be able to get Notorious up to speed on the art of being someone who does their talking in the ring, as opposed to someone who does their talking every goddamn second of the day”.

It is hoped Taylor will be able to first get McGregor to shut up about the upcoming Aldo fight, the hype for which is currently at “give us a fucking break” levels.