WWN Guide On How To Avoid Surprise Visits From Ed Sheeran


With the number of surprise Ed Sheeran appearances reaching epidemic proportions, we here at WWN have put together this handy guide on how to avoid being ambushed by the singer-songwriter.

Avoid Children’s Hospitals

There is nothing worse than visiting a sick loved one in hospital, especially a child, and then being pounced on by a smiling Ed Sheeran playing a guitar. The sheer panic of trying to sing along while not knowing the words can actually kill. Best try and avoid these hospitals at all costs. If you do have to go, please make sure it’s during Ed Sheeran concert times.

Avoid Fan Weddings Or Funerals

So far this year, Ed Sheeran has attended over 12,000 fan weddings and 2,800 fan funerals. Unfortunately, there is no law against outsiders attending funerals so nothing can really be done here. However, the majority of weddings are by special invite only, so we suggest asking the couple if either party invited Ed Sheeran via postal invite, email or twitter; especially twitter. Ed Sheeran constantly scours the social networking site for invites, so don’t forget to ask.

Avoid Shopping Centres/Malls

Think you’re safe going for the messages? Think again. Ed Sheeran always goes to the shops looking for buskers to duet with. Sources close to the singer have said that he likes to wait until the busker starts singing one of his songs, before butting in and stealing their thunder. This is typical of Ed Sheeran so be wary of buskers and malls. Check bushes and surrounding trees and hiding spots before passing any of these places. Ed Sheeran isn’t too far away.

Don’t Ever Sing An Ed Sheeran Song Aloud, Even In The Shower

This may be an obvious one, but trust us when we say ‘don’t ever sing an Ed Sheeran song’. Not even in the shower. Last year Ed Sheeran surprised 47 people in the shower as they sang one of his songs. Can you imagine the fright you would get? Best not encourage him anymore. Stop singing Ed Sheeran songs guys. You’ll only have yourself to blame if he pops that ginger head in through those curtains.