Coin Scrapage To See Shops Round Everything Up To The Nearest Tenner


A NEW scheme to abolish 1c and 2c coins has spurred shop owners across the country to begin raising the prices of everything they sell to the nearest tenner just to be on the safe side.

1 and 2 cent coins, which cost more to be minted and delivered than they are currently worth, are to be phased out of circulation following a trial in Wexford last year which local business owners described as “good for a few extra quid”.

EU member states such as the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Hungary have already adopted a rounding policy, although most of the shop owners rounded to the nearest 5c, a move described by Minister For Finance Michael Noonan as “a missed opportunity”.

“Some of these saps in the EU actually rounded prices down,” said Brian Canavan, owner and operator of a Spar in Naas.

“Can’t they see the money that could be made? I’ve been itching to round the prices of everything up for years, and I’ve finally got the chance. Just to save time, I’m gonna round most things up to the next highest euro, in case the government turn around and abolish 20c or 50c coins later in the year. And anything over a fiver is being upped to a tenner”.

Meanwhile, amid concerns that their finances were about to take a serious hit, a protest group consisting of buskers and homeless people are expected to march on the Dail today in opposition to the scrapping of smaller coins.