5 Office Printer Problems, And How To Easily Solve Them


OFFICE work can be frustrating at times, but nothing comes close to when you send a document to the shared printer and it just doesn’t appear! What can you do when something like this happens?

Fear not, as we at WWN Technical bring you the solutions to the 5 most common office printer problems, allowing you to quickly move on with your day!

1) Paper Misfeed: Tray1/Remove Paper

This is simple enough; while lifting paper from the tray, a jam has occurred. Simply swing open the door at the front, free the blockage and press the Yes button.

2) Scanner Unit Open/Close Scanner Unit

A common fault, usually after a paper misfeed. You probably didn’t close the door of the printer properly; open everything up again, make sure to line up everything just right, then close it all firmly. Press Yes, and your job should start printing.

3) Paper Misfeed: Tray1/Remove Paper

… No, we fixed that. We got the paper jam out. So there should be no problem printing.

4) Paper Misfeed: Tray1/Remove Paper

Alright, Jesus. Paper misfeed, we fucking heard you the first time. Open up the printer and make sure there’s no paper jammed anywhere, in like a cog or something. Try take all the paper out of the tray, make sure it’s all lined up perfectly by tapping it off the desk, put it all back together caaaaaarefuly, and make sure the doors are all closed properly. Hit Yes, the day is getting on and you’ve shitloads of work still to do.

5) Paper Misfeed: Tray1/Remove Paper

Fuck it, just go back to your desk and count the minutes as they tick by until hometime.