5 Cancer Causes At Home You Should Get Rid Of


We have mistakenly grown to believe that our home is a sanctuary. However, recent studies have shown that modern homes are packed with cancer causing substances that harm our health.

We at WWN have listed some of the most dangerous items. Get rid of these cancer-causing products immediately and provide a healthy surrounding for you and your family.

Kitchen Clocks

Many clocks are loaded with dangerous cancer causing ticking noises. Ticks directly interfere with the bodies natural biological clock and the effects can be devastating. Did you know that 56% of cancers are caused by out-of-sync clocks? Second hands are the big culprits here, followed by the minute hand and then lastly the hour hand.

A study carried out by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) involved 13 common types of kitchen clocks and found most of them contained ticking noises.


Little known fact: windows in homes are the biggest contributors to skin cancer on the planet, coming only second to Kitchen clocks. Most windows contain silica, which contaminates the sunlight that enters the home. Once it passes through the window, sunlight mutates and bounces around inside the home; much like a bullet ricocheting from wall-to-wall.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, homes with windows are ten times more likely to harbour cancer causing mutated light than homes without. If you want your home to be cancer free then get rid of the windows.


All furniture is bad as it contains thousands of cancer causing elements like wood, steel, foam and leather. Humans are especially vulnerable to furniture as they use it to sit, sleep and eat on. Covering existing furniture with tin-foil may help, but prolonged exposure to the tin in the foil may also counteract this method. We would advise ditching all furniture to avoid any future cancers.


Conventional pubescents are well known to cause an array of different types of cancers, including: hair cancer, knee cancer and the deadly mind cancer. Experts advise sending your teenager to a far off boarding school or labour camp until they reach adulthood. If this doesn’t suit try avoid all physical and verbal contact with the teenager. Even talking to a teen on the phone can cause ear cancer so please be careful. Teenagers are one of the biggest killers in the home and should be treated like enriched Uranium.