WWN Property


WWN’s property section aims to bring you the best the country has to offer in reasonably priced bricks and mortar.

This prime real estate is up for grabs, and with over 1200 sq ft on offer it would be a fool who baulks at the €1.4 million asking price. Insulation is second to none and contains its own water supply so Irish Water bills are nothing to worry about. With only 2 previous owners, it is barely lived in and still retains that ‘new’ smell. Must buy!

Next door to an inviting bin sits the even more hospitable and homely plastic bag. If you’re the type of person who could fit all their belongings as well as themselves into a cosy 1 sq ft then this might be ideal for you. Current owner not certain they will sell just yet so is considering letting this property for €900 a month not including bills.

This modern looking house, probably Swedish, is on the market for €12 million and is worth every penny. Why? Because we said something about Sweden of course, home of forward thinking architecture. Fans of The Killing or Borgen will love this and for that reason they will actually be required to pay an additional €1 million ‘trendy tax’.

Palatial forehead for sale in Dublin with unbeatable views. When is €4.45 million a steal? When it looks this inviting. Self cleaning, which is a real bonus, there is plenty of room to expand the property too.