Today Marks The 15th Anniversary Of US Government Planning For 9/11


A HUGE milestone in recent history was recognised today in Washington, DC as former US president George W. Bush, along with former vice-president Dick Cheney and former secretary of defence Donald Rumsfeld as they made the journey back to the Whitehouse for an official state dinner with President Barack Obama.

The 15th anniversary of the decision to plan 9/11 was marked in typical grandeur and style with Beyoncé flying at the request of President Obama to sing the national anthem.

The large banquet attended by key figures from the Pentagon and the CIA represented one of the few occasions the American political and security personnel elite honoured the key people involved in the planning of 9/11, which unofficially began in May 2000.

“I’ll be accused of mawkishness but I will hand the stage over to the great orchestrators of such a huge piece of American history and simply applaud,” Barack Obama said as he handed the stage to George W. Bush, who looked visibly moved after encountering rapturous applause from the private security industry.

President Bush thanked everyone in attendance and begrudgingly praised the hard work of conspiracy theorists who he said “had elevated their field above the silliness of the moon landing to something greater”.

Bush then took the time to make a special mention of avid conspiracy video uploader, Youtube user IlluminaMe IlluminaYou69, who was tragically killed in an incident set up to look exactly like a believable accident. The moment of silence requested by Bush was peacefully observed.

A memorial was then unveiled on Capitol Hill, which sought honour all those involved in making the inside job possible.

Dick Cheney spent much of the night by his official 9/11 Was An Inside Job merchandise stand at the back of the room which sold a number of slogan T-shirts, tote bags and buttons.