Nation Not Sure What To Care About Now Referendum Is Over


IRELAND, still deep in the throes of a homosexual hangover has confessed to being at a loss as to what it is supposed to care about now the Marriage Equality referendum is done and dusted.

Streets strewn with serene scenes of celebration on Saturday have today been replaced with the normal, everyday drudgery of the working week, leaving many Irish people to confess to not quite knowing what to do with themselves.

“It’s a tough one because we got this victory, such a rare thing in Irish life, and I’m not sure I could campaign for something like, say, reform within the HSE because we’re not likely to get the politicians to give us another dig out on that one,” admitted yes voter Tom Higgins.

Reform in the HSE looks like it may be needed as staff in the country’s A&E departments have been under immense pressure following thousands of people in need of treatment for severe spinal injuries.

“Oh, we’re overwhelmed here, the number of people who have done themselves serious injury patting themselves on the back about the referendum result,” explained nurse Alan Collins.

Experts in the field of political activism admit they have their doubts about where the public will next focus their energy.

“It’s a huge win for many young voters who engaged like never before, but our politicians are experts in grinding voters down to the point where they become disillusioned and apathetic,” explained political commentator Victoria Cummings

“So I would sadly expect a large percentage of the public to return to that default setting we seem to have. I would even go as far as to say the Government will probably have a specially designed policy behind trying to put people off voting. If they’re not careful they could create an atmosphere of hope in the country, in which people think real change is possible”.

In other news, the Government published a 100 page document ‘Things to get passionate about next’ which aims to guide voters towards really important issues like getting obsessed about property again, and raising TD’s pay to 2008 levels.