Joy For Man As Ex-Girlfriend Accidentally Sets Facebook Settings To Public


A GALWAY man has expressed his joy after a change in Facebook privacy policies meant that he could finally get to properly snoop on the photos posted online by his ex-girlfriend without having to add her.

Martin Creghan, 43, had frequently ‘called in’ on the Facebook profile of Sara Cassidy, a girl he used to go out with in secondary school.

Having never really moved on from Cassidy dumping him, Creghan used the social media platform to keep informed as to who she was dating, or how she was looking these days.

However, attempts by the Galway native proved unsatisfactory over the years as Cassidy kept her Facebook page set to a high level of privacy, granting Creghan access to only her profile picture and most basic of information. A greater array of information was available to Creghan if he were to send his ex a friend request, which he was unwilling to do as it might appear ‘a bit creepy’.

All this changed at the weekend, as new Facebook updates led to a brief window where the entire profile of the now-married mother of two was accidentally set to public, allowing Creghan to snoop away to his heart’s content.

“It’s all here; her holiday snaps from Greece, wedding pictures, email address, the fucking lot!” beamed Creghan, soaking up all the information about his ex before she changed her setting back to private.

“And she’s looking fierce well these days too. Married to some lad from Clare, it seems, back in 2012. Look, there’s a picture of her out for a walk with her dog. And there’s another of her eating a pizza somewhere. This is fucking awesome”.

Having three straight hours of poring over the photos and status updates of his old girlfriend, Creghan admitted that he’s now unsure as to what to do with the rest of his life.