Average Child Eats 18 Kilos Of Sweets While Spending Day With Grandmother


AN Irish toddler spending the day with their grandmother will ingest almost twice their body-weight in sweets and biscuits, according to a damning new report from the HSE.

The study found that despite the best efforts by parents to make sure their kids eat healthily and don’t develop an appetite for sugary food and drinks, all this goes out the window when visiting grandparents.

Further evidence suggests that even though the child’s parents may leave healthy snacks such as fruit and vegetables with the grandparent, these get put aside in favour of “treats while staying in Grannies house”.

“I know it’s not healthy for her, but look at her wee face, ” said grandparent of one Ann Kerrigan, watching her 12 month old granddaughter Saoirse slowly nibble her way through an entire pack of Wagon Wheels.

“I only get to see her a couple of times a week, and when I do, I just can’t help but cram as much junk food into her as I can. Her mam leaves these carrot sticks and apple slices and things like that, but look at her eat those Cadbury’s Mini-Rolls; you can see she much prefers them. Sure, it wouldn’t be fair not to give her a few sweets, and a big bottle of Coke”.

Grandparent-assisted force feeding has been blamed in the new report for the shocking rise in childhood obesity, combined with the lack of willpower from parents to speak up when their child is being handed a tube of Pringles by their grandmother.