Prince Charles Buys Massive Toblerone On The Way Home


PRINCE Charles will conclude his historic trip to Ireland today by picking up a massive Toblerone in the duty free at Dublin airport.

The four-day visit included a meeting with Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams as well as a visit to the town of Mullaghmore where Charles’ great-uncle Lord Mountbatten was killed in an IRA bomb attack.

Capping the trip with a visit to the Sligo races yesterday afternoon, Charles and his wife, Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker-Bowles, began packing their bags for the trip home. It is believed that this is the stage where Charles first began to formulate plans to buy ‘the biggest Toblerone one can find’.

Toblerone bars, a stalwart of duty free shops, have grown to preposterous proportions over the years, with the biggest currently on offer being a 4.5kg monster that sells for £80.

It is believed that this is the bar Charles hopes to buy, despite protests from Camilla that ‘he’ll never eat it’.

“One has always wanted just a big fuck-off Toblerone,” said the Prince of Wales, on his way to Terminal 2.

“And if one doesn’t eat it all, one can always break lumps off and give it to the young lads. Or stick it in the fridge and chip away at it over time. One doesn’t have to eat it all at once, like”.

In a bid to please his nagging wife, Charles will also buy a couple of Milka bars and a set of five sample perfumes.