Irish Woman Hospitalised After Son Introduces His Black Girlfriend


AN Irish mother was rushed to Athlone District Hospital last night after falling into what was described as a ‘catatonic state’ during a visit to her home by her son and his new girlfriend.

Although the woman, named locally as Margaret Doohan, had been expecting her son Sean to arrive to the house with a girl he had been seeing for the past few months, she was shocked to discover that the girl in question was black.

Struggling to appear unfazed while at the same time worrying about what the neighbours would think, Mrs. Doohan offered Athlone native Suzanne Cassidy a cup of tea, before her entire body began to ‘seize up’.

Sean Doohan rang for an ambulance after being unable to bring his mother around. When paramedics arrived at the scene, Mrs. Doohan was found to be unable to move, and was repeating the words “I’m fine with it, absolutely fine with it” over and over again. The 67-year-old later recovered in hospital where she is said to be in a stable but bigoted condition.

“At first, I thought the house was being robbed,” said Mrs. Doohan, who knows plenty of lovely white girls that her son could go out with. “but then Sean said, ‘I’d like you to meet my girlfriend Suzanne’ and I just… I don’t remember much after that. I mean, if he wants to go out with a black girl, then I’m fine with it, absolutely fine with it. I’m sure it won’t be for long, you know, until she goes home. But I’m fine with it. Really. Absolutely fine with it”.

Mrs. Doohan was later visited in hospital by Ms. Cassidy, who she initially mistook for a nurse.