Boston Bomber’s Execution To Make Everything Alright


THE execution of one of the men responsible for the Boston marathon bombings will make everything alright, leading experts have confirmed.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, now 21, faces the death sentence after being tried in a federal court with the verdict, giving rise to the theory that everything is alright and nothing like this could happen again.

Tsarnaev will be moved to a federal prison in Indiana where it is expected he will be executed after exhausting the appeals process in the coming years.

“This is the ultimate deterrent, and we’ve seen next to no people of the skin colour I would describe as un-American commit any atrocities on this scale since the verdict. And that is progress in my eyes,” explained death penalty expert Henry Willows.

“This is different to the shootings in Texas the other day, those guys were mostly white, so can’t be classified as terrorising people or labelled terrorists,” Willows added pointing out the death penalty is only applicable to particular cases.

Terre Haute Ferderal Prison in Indiana, was also the scene of the execution of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh some 14 years ago and it is thought Tsarnaev’s execution will give a similar closure to the hundreds of millions of Americans not directly affected by the bombings.

“I know I’ll rest easy knowing we’re going to fry the bastard,” Willows, a native of Florida said of Tsarnaev, who will be executed using a lethal injection some years from now.