Americans Not Sure If They Need More Or Less Guns


FOLLOWING a massive shootout between rival biker gangs in the Texas town of Waco which left nine people dead and hundreds arrested has once again prompted Americans to question if they need to get rid of guns, or buy loads more.

The killings, which officials believe may have been related to some biker feud, came during a mass brawl between three gangs of grown men who clearly don’t know any better. Starting with a fight that involved knives, chains and clubs, the warring factions eventually remembered they were Americans and began to shoot each other as fast as possible.

Gardaí, known in America as the police, soon arrived on the scene and began exercising their rights as set out by the second amendment to the constitution. When the dust settled, dozens of bikers were either dead, dying or injured, and Americans were once again caught in a debate whether to change gun laws, or go out and buy as many pieces as they could.

“To gun, or not, to gun?” mused Arlene Harrison, a Waco resident who was in the vicinity of the bar where the deadly brawl broke out.

“On one hand, I’d like if I could walk around my town without worrying about people with guns everywhere… on the other hand, when shit goes down, a gun would be a fairly handy thing to have. I don’t have a gun at the minute, but after seeing all those biker guys shooting at each other, it does seem like it would be a mighty handy thing to have”.

As citizens across America continue to scratch their heads on the subject, politicians and senators are adopting the same ‘wait and see’ stance on gun control that has served them so well over the past 239 years.