WWN Event Guide



Facebook Event Invite Training Seminar. Want to know all there is to know about blanketing your entire Facebook friends list with an invite to a nightclub or open mic gig? This free-to-attend seminar will help you learn all the skills involved in working through a list of hundreds of people and adding them to the event, whether or not they would have any interest in it, or are in the same country at the time.


Goat Joust. The fifteenth annual Goat Jousting tournament is on this Saturday, just outside Westport! Some of Mayo’s hardiest goats, strapped to the back of horses, jousting against other goats. You won’t get this kind of goat jousting anywhere else in Ireland this weekend!


Sneaky Joint Festival. Kick off the music festival season with the Sneaky Joint weekend in Carlow. 50 bands on 5 stages over three days, all for you to ignore while you sit outside your tent having sneaky joint after sneaky joint, acting as if you don’t care if you get caught, but being really para at the same time.


That Thing You Said You’d Go To. Just a reminder; that thing you said you’d go to? It’s on this weekend. You probably forgot about it, and had your heart set on a nice relaxing couple of days with a few cans watching the telly, but nope; you have to go to that thing you said you’d go to. Sorry.