Jobseekers Urged To Stop Putting ‘Session Head’ On CV Under Hobbies


THE Department of Social and Family Affairs has today urged job-seekers to stop putting inappropriate hobby descriptions in their curriculum vitaes when applying to recruitment agencies for job offers.

The request comes after a survey revealed that 78% of unemployed people fail to secure jobs due to poor or badly laid out CVs.

“The biggest issue we found was people calling themselves ‘session heads’,” Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton T.D. told WWN. “Seriously, what does that even mean? Whatever it is, it isn’t good to be writing on your job application – it just looks bad”.

Along with the term, the survey flagged other phrases that may harm a job seeker’s application, including: ‘Full-time mad bastard’, ‘Master masturbator’, ‘Black belt in Karaoke’ and calling yourself a ‘Liverpool supporter’.

“No one wants to know these things so please refrain from using them on your CV or during a job interview,” Ms. Burton advised. “It’s basic common sense lads”.

However, self-confessed ‘session head’ Damien Lyons from Thurles, denied that his title should anyway deter employers from hiring him, despite being unemployed since leaving school 12 years ago.

“I likes me sessions, so if anyone has a problem with dat den they should be ashamed of demselves,” he said. “It’s not like I’d be on the session during work; just before or after it. De country’s gone to the dogs boy, I tell ye”.