Bus Eireann Customers Welcome Consistency Of Service One-Day Strike Will Bring


COMMUTERS who rely on Dublin Bus and Bus Eireann for transport have overwhelmingly voiced their approval for an upcoming one-day strike, which they claim will bring a much needed degree of consistency to the services for 24 hours at least.

Dublin Bus and Bus Eireann trade union members will carry out planned industrial action, in protest against the Government’s plan of bus privatisation, on the Friday of the upcoming May Bank Holiday.

Bus passengers will spend the day with the complete knowledge that there will be no services whatsoever, which comes as a welcome relief following years of not knowing when, if at all, a bus was going to arrive.

“Sometimes I wait for ages for my bus in the morning, never sure if I’m going to make it to work on time,” said one commuter after hearing of the industrial action.

“At least now, for one glorious day, I’ll know for a fact that there’s no buses so I can plan my day accordingly, and not stand on the side of the road like an idiot for half an hour wondering what the fuck is going on”.

This sentiment was echoed across the country as students, workers and other commuters set about making alternative travel arrangements for the day, with many suggesting that even if Bus Eireann staff succeed in their bid to block privatisation, they should still hold a work stoppage every week anyway.