Price Of Glass Door To Be Added To Protester’s Water Bill


OFFICIALS at Fingal County Council have confirmed the price of a glass door destroyed during a protest at council offices yesterday will be added to the protester’s next water bill.

The incident occurred when four anti-water charge campaigners lodged themselves in a revolving door in a bid to peacefully annoy county council staff. Gardaí were called to escalate the situation, and during their attempts to remove the quartet of protesters, the revolving door was smashed.

Reports vary as to the exact nature of events, with some protesters claiming the Guards smashed the glass, and spokespeople for An Gardaí claiming that the protesters smashed it in on top of themselves.

One woman who received facial cuts varying in severity from ‘a scratch’ to ‘half her head missing’, was treated at the scene.

A report issued earlier this morning has confirmed that Fingal county council will seek to retrieve the cost of repairing the revolving door by adding it to the woman’s water charges.

“Well, who else should pay it? The taxpayer?” asked Mark Shevlin, head of communications with Fingal CC.

“And I’m fucked if it’s coming out of our budget. If I lock myself in your car and the window gets smashed when you try to get me out, who should pay; you or me? We’ll be invoicing Irish Water for the damages, and they’ll be passing it right on to the lady who caused the issue in the first place, when she gets out of hospital”.

Gardaí at the scene have yet to issue a statement on the matter, although have confirmed that one officer’s truncheon was treated for glass-inflicted injuries, and added that the cost of a replacement truncheon may also be added to the injured woman’s bill.