Entire Cast Of Game Of Thrones Killed Off In Latest Episode


HUGELY popular TV show Game of Thrones was back with a bang last night as the internet gorged on several leaked episodes from the series, much to the annoyance of the show’s producers HBO.

As the show aired in America last night many Irish viewers got a glimpse of things to come in the fifth season by illegally obtaining some of the newest episodes via download, and they were not disappointed by the explosive episode.

In a show known for its tendencies to kill off any of the show’s prominent cast members without warning, the entire cast was killed in the show’s most bloody and shocking episode yet.

“We weren’t sure how the fans would react,” admitted Game of Thrones producer David Benioff, “but we take the books as a strict guide to events and this is what George R. R. Martin had planned,” added Benioff when discussing the deaths of over 6703 characters over the course of 60 minutes.

“It was truly shocking,” admitted die hard fan of the show Daniel Leahy, “like absolutely every last one of the characters died in this epic battle of sword fight, it was fucking mental,” the Dubliner enthused as he struggled to wrap his head around the show’s latest twist while lamenting the lack of on screen nudity.

“That’s obviously a slip up on the show writer’s part, but in fairness they had a lot of deaths to fit in,” added Leahy.

It is believed that based on evidence of some of the show’s leaked episodes the remainder of the fifth season involves the cameras pointed at various shots of landscapes with very little happening as there is literally not a solitary character left alive.

“Yeah, it’s true,” confirmed Benioff, “after the first episode – the fallout from it means the next nine episodes are just some shots of corpses and trees. Oh, there is one episode where it rains a lot watch out for that one. It’s no wonder it’s taking Martin so long to write the next book, I’m not sure where it can go from here”.