Game Of Pool Between Drunks Now Entering Third Day


A GAME of pool between a group of drunk friends in an Offaly pub has entered its third day, with 18 hours having passed since a ball was potted.

The epic game, which began on Friday evening in The Whin Bush bar and lounge in Tullamore, has entered the record books as the longest frame of pool in history, beating a 49 hour contest between two lads in Athlone last year.

Martin McMahon, 27, and his co-drinker Sean Malone, 26, were socialising in the popular establishment on Friday afternoon following a hard week of unemployment.

Although neither has any real interest in it, the two men reached a level of drunkenness which meant not playing pool was no longer an option. Inexplicably drawn to the emerald baize, McMahon and Malone cobbled together the two one-euro coins needed to play, and racked up for what they thought would be a short game.

“They’ve been there for over sixty hours now, and if anything their accuracy is getting worse,” said Phelim Whin, owner and operator of the bar.

“It happens all the time, drunk lads who’ve never lifted a pool cue in their lives suddenly want to play when they see a table after a few pints. These two lads have had more foul balls between them than any other two players in history, and they can’t seem to agree on whether or not shots carry… not only that, they have to keep checking with each other every five minutes as to who’s on reds. It’s mesmerising”.

With three balls each on the table and no end in sight, McMahon and Malone are set to continue playing for the rest of the week, while constantly chalking their cues despite not having a clue as to what difference it makes.