It’s A Girl! Celebrity You Don’t Care About Has Given Birth!


DESPITE a vague headline that is constructed purely to insult your intelligence and prey on your impulsive desire to click on things, you now find yourself reading about the child of a celebrity you’re almost sure you’ve never heard of.

Weighing in at roughly the same weight as a new born baby, the crushing disappointment you now feel at having clicked on a vacous article instead of just getting on with your life and being productive has left you feeling fairly annoyed with yourself.

But look, the offspring of someone who has only the briefest attachment to the distant cousin of actual real calcuble fame. We’re so sure you haven’t heard of this person that we’ve decided to pad out this article with a brief summation of all their fame worthy achievements.

It’s not all bad though, you’ve even learning something new, as before reading this article you had no idea Poland had their version of Big Brother nor did you know it ran for 11 years.

The crowning achievement of this new and glowing mother Zosha was of course when she took a shit in the Big Brother showers, and now she is the star of her very own article whose only reason for existing is because we know you’ll click on anything with a headline that sells you on the promise of reading about famous people.