ISIS To Skip The Part Where They Execute The Paedophiles


THE Islamic State has today announced they have decided to skip the part where they execute men for sleeping with children, due to “internal conflicts” within the majority of the organisation.

ISIS spokesman Jalal al-Yussuf said the group will not be targeting paedophiles in Iraq or Syria any time soon, but will continue to tackle the inhumane problem of homosexuality instead.

“A man sleeping with another man is disgusting and against Sharia law,” exclaimed Mr. al-Yussuf, who married his 13-year-old cousin last year. “It makes my skin crawl just to think about it. These disgusting pigs will be stoned to death for such an atrocity under the prophet’s name.”

Meanwhile, latest news reports from Syria have shown more brutality on the part of the Islamic State, by publicly executing several more men accused of breaking the ancient law. New images released show jihadis savagely stoning a man to death accused of bestiality and ‘having a homosexual affair’.

The graphic photo shows a man being bombarded with rocks in a remote stretch of the western province of Homs in front of crowds of bloodthirsty onlookers.

“It’s what Muhammad would have wanted.” shouted one onlooker, who seemed quite happy in the knowledge that his prophet married to a 6-year-old girl; later consummating that marriage with her some three years later.

“Disgusting brute!” shouted another spectator as a killer blow laid the “guilty” mans body lifeless in the barren Syrian desert.

“Allahu Akbar!” everyone joined in. “Allahu Akbar….”