Starbucks Announce Groundbreaking New Combination Of Coffee And Milk


COFFEE lovers across the world received some exciting news today with the announcement that top barista’s working for the world’s largest chain of coffee shops have invented a groundbreaking new combination of coffee and milk.

Shares in Starbucks soared following the announcement of the new beverage, which is reported to be so revolutionary it will make a flat white seem like a latte.

Teams of coffee scientists working in a top secret laboratory discovered the amazing new drink by mixing coffee and milk in various measures, until stumbling on the perfect ratio after months of research.

“This is the penicillin of coffee, ” said Marc Horgan, a chief barista at the Starbucks Research Academy in Tampa, Florida. “It’s like nothing that has ever gone before it. The way the coffee and the milk mix together… it’s a taste sensation unlike any other mix of coffee and milk you’ve ever tasted.”

A spokesperson for the Seattle based chain has stated that they are currently putting their staff through a rigorous training process in order to be able to prepare the new beverage, while a team of linguistic experts are said to be hard at work trying to come up with a suitably pretentious name for it.