Strong Winds Caused By Planet Catching Up On Extra Hour


MET Éireann has confirmed that strong winds battering the country this week are linked to the planet catching up with the extra hour added for daylight saving time.

The national forecaster first issued the weather warning on Sunday evening, but the warning will now remain in place until tomorrow as the earth slows down to its normal rate.

“Normally the planet spins at 1,040 miles per hour,” explained meteorologist Nuala Carey. “However, due to the clocks going forward last Sunday, the earth has had to speed up to 1,250 mph in order to make up the missing hour.”

Experts believe the westerly wind is due to die off around lunch time tomorrow, thus returning to its normal rotation speed.

“Sometimes the transition can be quite sudden, so I would advise people to brace themselves,” added Ms. Carey. “Best place to be is in your car with the seat belt on and the hand-brake up. Whatever you do: make sure you are not using a chainsaw or dangerous equipment at the time”.

In October 2008, over 3,000 people were killed after the planet suddenly stopped turning in accordance with the hour going back. Many of those killed were not strapped down to anything at the time.