Mike Hunt Finally Ready To Forgive Parents


A SLIGO man named Mike Hunt has today issued a statement in which he admits that he’s ready to forgive his parents for giving him such an unfortunate name.

Hunt, 33, has spent the majority of his life blaming his mother and father for setting him on a road ‘paved with ridicule’, claiming that his schooldays were a living hell of taunts and jeers, and that both his professional and private life as an adult were tainted by his regrettable monicker.

Named after his maternal grandfather, Hunt claims to have spent his early life oblivious to any humorous connotations carried by his name, stating that the mockery only began when he enrolled in secondary school.

“As a kid, I passed no remarks when people would smile or giggle when my Mam introduced me,” said Hunt, skipping stones across the waters of Lough Gill, near his home in Sligo town.

“But when I attended secondary school, I realised what my name sounded like. Kids would tease me in the playground, teachers would stifle their chuckles when they did the roll call… it was a nightmare”.

The ridicule followed Hunt through college and into his career as an accountant, where attempts to re-brand himself as Michael Hunt failed to fool anyone.

“Michael Hunt, Mikey Hunt, Mickey Hunt… it makes no difference,” sighed Hunt, staring at the horizon.

“After you introduced yourself, people would always say ‘so you’re telling me your name… is Mike Hunt?’, as if this was news to you.

“Dating was a nightmare, and I’m still single. But there comes a time when you realise your parents probably didn’t mean to give you a name that would haunt you for life. There comes a time when you have to make peace with them, and just move on”.

Although moving, Hunt’s willingness to forgive his parents has yet to inspire his younger brother Ulick to do the same.