Tunisian Gunmen Attack Irish Couple’s Summer Holiday Plans


IRISH couple, Lydia Evans and Tom Cullen are said to be devastated after a shocking and reprehensible attack on the couple’s summer holiday plans.

It was just last week the couple had paid for a 2-week holiday to a beach side resort in Tunisia in full, only to find an insidious attack had been carried out on their plans for an all over tan.

“In shock, I suppose, is the only way to describe it,” confirmed Lydia in an interview with WWN, “you scour around, looking for the best deals online. We found one and we were delighted”.

“It’s selfish, what they’ve done to us,” Lydia explained, hinting further at how shocked the couple are after their ordeal.

“This act of cowardice has changed our plans for this year’s holidays forever,” Tom added somberly, “it took a lot for me to get the days off in July. Sure, maybe we can find somewhere else to go…. but in Summer, well, the prices are mad,” he added.

Tom and Lydia, don’t doubt they are other couples just like them who have been affected by the shocking events.

“You just never think it will happen to you, but then it does,” explains Tom frankly, “it makes you think, are there other people like us; white, western and looking for two weeks of sunshine during the summer months who will never feel safe booking a package holiday again”.

The couple added they are thankful for the messages of support they have received from friends and family on social media.

The attack, which occurred in the Tunisian capital of Tunis, also claimed the lives of at least 21 people.