Dolled Up Mother Uses Child For Selfie Excuse Again


A GALWAY woman has reportedly used her own child as a selfie excuse for the second time today, it has been revealed.

After spending an hour applying makeup while he slept, Jackie Flynn woke her son out of his mid-afternoon nap to accompany her in the shoot, which she had carefully planned out in her head since the last one, two hours ago.

“Okay Fiachra, go this side of Mommy; you know this is my good side,” she told the 8-month-old, who was still half asleep. “Stop whinging now pet. Just stay still while I set the timer now. Good boy”.

Following several intense flashes from her iPhone 5, the stay-at-home-mum frantically scanned its visual display, focusing on her own face first before mentally cursing her son for his.

“We’re going to have to take that again cause you looked a bit silly, Fiachra,” she said, now placing his cuddly toy behind the carefully positioned camera phone. “This will only take a minute so try looking at Mr. Teddy and give him a big smile”.

“That’s it.”

Tilting her head and pouting her lips in a bid to slim herself, Ms. Flynn waited for the timed ‘beeps’ to count down, willing her son to remain somewhat symmetrical in his stare.

“There we go now,” she finished, totally ignoring the child’s protest. “Your eyes will be grand in a minute pet. Its only a flash”.

Happy with the results, she began uploading the photo file to her Facebook and Twitter accounts, stating she was only up out of bed.

‘I look a right mess, but that’s motherhood,’ she wrote, knowing full-well the type of praise it can bring from friends on Facebook.