Brendan O’Connor To Receive Star On RTÉ Walk Of Fame


FRESH from his shock announcement that The Saturday Night Show would end in May, Brendan O’Connor is set to receive the greatest entertainment honour Ireland has to offer; a star on the RTÉ Walk of Fame.

O’Connor becomes only the fourth star in Irish broadcasting history to receive the honour after Gay Byrne, Pat Kenny and Marty Whelan.

“Brendan really is in a club of two when you think about it,” explained RTÉ CEO Noel Curran, “Gay is only one before him who has truly earned it. We had to take a pneumatic drill to Kenny’s after he fucked off to Newstalk, and Marty actually sneaked past security one night and installed his star himself, absorbing all the costs of the job himself too”.

The Walk of Fame stretches over four pavement stones and 12 feet at RTÉ’s Donnybrook HQ and is incredibly similar to Hollywood’s less famous walk of fame.

“The Japanese are mad for it, they just come in with their cameras morning, noon and night, and that little bit before morning, forget what it’s called,” explained Jimmy O’Connor, RTÉ security guard, “Gay Byrne is quite big in Nicaragua too so we get a few of them”.

O’Connor is said to be humbled by the honour and will attend a lavish ceremony at RTÉ to formally unveil the star this week.

Where the RTÉ Walk of Fame differs from its Hollywood cousin is in its demands that the recipient not only provide an imprint of their hands but also a DNA, blood and sperm sample.

“We’re just covering all bases here,” explained RTÉ boss Curran, “they are the presenting elite. We need to able to clone them or at the very least take their sperms and create a new generation of presenters”.

“It’s a great chance to honour someone who has managed, in his announcement that the show is coming to an end, convince people the show wasn’t that shit and it was something they could watch without ripping their eyeballs out from their sockets in a fit of rage,” concluded Curran.