UK Leaders Debate To Involve Penis Comparing Segment


THE much disputed format of the proposed leaders’ debate ahead of the general election in the UK has taken yet another strange turn.

Prime minister and Conservative party leader David Cameron has been accused of running scared from the debates with many labeling him a coward.

A rare moment of bravado saw Cameron agree to one of the BBC’s more outlandish requests of a penis measuring segment during the debates.

“We’re glad Mr. Cameron agrees with what is now an essential part of voter consideration, the length of a leader’s penis,” BBC spokesman Ben Lock told WWN.

With a potential debate featuring 7 leaders the UK voting public are faced with the unfortunate situation of several female leaders having no penises, but the BBC has said it is working hard to find equivalent segments for female leaders.

UKIP representatives have staunchly objected to the penis segment furthering rumours leader Nigel Farage has an ethnically ambiguous penis.

“The shading will turn voters off,” conceded a source within the UKIP party.

The Labour party have confessed to being similarly worried about leader Ed Miliband’s penis. “We’ve conducted our own polls, and it’s not good. Everyone has kind of guessed Ed’s penis is minute and bends to the right. Cameron is the biggest cock and that’s going to stand him in good stead going forward”.

Despite the continued discussions about the debate format it is thought everyone will forget to invite Nick Clegg.