Appalling Reports Of Warped Parents Dressing Their Children Up Like Brides


SHOCKING instances of parents dressing their young daughters up as brides are being reported up and down the country in recent days.

Adult parents with a lifetime of learning and perspective to draw on are increasingly finding themselves caught engaging in shopping for ornate and lavish wedding-like dresses for their young daughters.

Gardaí have said they are aware of the problem, but while admitting there is very little they can do about the occurrences they will monitor the evolving situation closely.

“I think what is most worrying here is that it seems the parents are planting the idea to dress up like a bride in their heads from a very young age,” explained Garda Simon Johns, “and quite frankly in the sickest element, their family and friends then shower them with money. It’s very disturbing”.

WWN has been unable to procure an interview with the countless girls forced into this strange ceremonial wedding dress, but can confirm no weddings have taken place.

However, another sinister development has seen enterprising individuals profit from this practice with several shops dedicated solely to providing parents with wedding dresses for their children.

“Ah, doesn’t she look gorgeous,” Anna Dawson, a parent, said as her daughter tried on a dress in one of Dublin’s dedicated child bridal wear shops.

This reporter’s question to Mrs. Dawson were dodged expertly at every turn.

“Give us a twirl Holly. Ah, who is a pretty little angel, do you like it? You know it reminds me of the one I wore when I was your age,” she added, unintentionally confirming this odd practice has been in operation at least since Mrs. Dawson was a child herself.