Local Student House Decriminalises Cannabis


THERE were mellow scenes in a U.C.C. college house today as the main opposition to smoking marijuana in the house finally conceded after months of moaning from the two other tenants.

Chief tidier of the college road abode James Keniry said that it was pointless for him to keep instructing the other members of the household, Darren O’ Rourke and Dylan Stack, to smoke elsewhere as they just ignored him.

He told WWN, “Earlier in the year, I’d leave in the morning for college everything grand and then return after a long day to that smell circulating the house and Damian Marley’s Welcome to Jamrock blaring from the speakers on repeat.”

“So just before Christmas I put my foot down and said if they wouldn’t stop I wouldn’t clean anymore. They protested a bit but agreed initially. However, after a few weeks I noticed that our bin was jam-packed with Air Wick and the house reeked of a purple lavender meadow.

“Sure, I knew what was going on then. The lads wanted to put it to a vote and obviously they outnumber me so there’s no point in fighting it. I’ll spend my time in the library studying.”

Darren O’ Rourke gave an impassioned winning speech detailing how much he really enjoys smokin’ the gange and he should be able to do what he wants as lectures are too far away for him to attend.

The speech was only met with a rapturous applause from Dylan Stack after he passed the joint.

TD Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan cited this victory as another failure in the prohibition of marijuana and further pleaded with the government to seriously consider legalization.