“How About Calling It The Party Party?” Lucinda Creighton Proposes To Reboot Colleagues


DESPITE the latest Reboot Ireland meeting carrying on into the wee small hours last night, Lucinda Creighton remained hopeful the rag tag band of hopeful candidates would cobble together a name that really spoke to the Nation.

“It’s tough finding the right name, we want to get it right. We have to appeal to the young, the old, the brave, the bold, the courageous and the bodacious… sorry can you please tell me I’m making sense, I haven’t slept in 12 days,” Creighton told WWN over the phone around 3am last night.

The latest meeting of the minds of the nascent party drew yet more blanks when it came to settling on a name, which many people believe is the main stumbling block to the official launch of the party.

“It’s definitely not because we can’t get any candidates to join or that we haven’t got policies. We do, we have policies coming out of our arses,” added Eddie Hobbs.

“Shite, I really felt we had the name at one point. So much so that I rolled up my sleeves at one point and started pacing around the room like I was onto something, it was Snapchat Ireland or wait was it An Umbro top,” Hobbs explained to WWN.

“The name really needs to grab you, shock you, inform you, and that’s why we’ve settled on Free Money,” Hobbs added before Creighton wrestled the phone back from him.

A breakthrough was almost made when Creighton, now standing on a chair, demanded everyone listen before sharing the best name for a party ever.

“The Party Party,” the TD was believed to have said with a manic look in her eyes,”you know because we can have fun, but we’re also the party… party,” she added before realising the name had lost its brief moment of magic.

The newly named Party Party immediately voted on renaming the party after one member confessed he felt the name to be dishonest, as it was clear they couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.