Loophole Outrage As Gary Glitter To Serve 16 Year Sentence In Juvenile Detention Centre


THE BRITISH legal system has come under fire yet again this evening after a judge sentenced convicted paedophile, Gary Glitter, to 16 years in a juvenile detention centre in London.

Lawyers for Mr. Glitter, real name Paul Gadd, told the court that due to an error on a birth cert which was issued to him by the NHS last year, he would have to serve the majority of his time behind bars in a centre for young offenders.

Addressing the court, lawyer Henry Kent told Judge Alistair McCreath that Mr. Gadd’s new date of birth – the 2nd of February 2005 – legally made him a minor under her Majesty’s law and must serve out his entire sentence in an age appropriate institution.

Judge McCreath immediately called for a recess in light of the new finding before returning some three hours later to address the court.

“Unfortunately, due to this NHS error, I’m going to have to sentence Mr. Gadd as a minor in this instance and impose a maximum sixteen years in the King Street Detention centre in London.”

However, it is understood that Mr. Gadd may be transferred to an adult prison when he turns 18 in eight years time.

The Judge said he assessed the seriousness of the offences by current guidelines, but he was limited to the maximum sentences that were available to him due to his legal age.

The 70-year-old showed no emotion as he left the dock, but could be later heard whistling to himself in the corridors at Southwark Crown Court.