“Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha,” Says Everyone After Arsenal’s Loss To Monaco


THE footballing world has come together in unison to mock the misfortune of Arsenal football club after its disappointing, but altogether predictable defeat at the hands of seemingly inferior opposition.

In a rare show of solidarity with one another, fans from rival clubs such as Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United all joined together to laugh almost to the point of death after witnessing a performance defined by leading sports scientists as ‘an absolute Arsenal’.

Arsenal had pegged Monaco back to 2-1 right at the death of their round of 16 Champions League tie only for the London side to concede almost immediately from tip off leaving the tie poised at 3-1.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha,” said a chorus of fans while watching Arsenal’s insipid performance with a number of Tottenham fans admitted to hospital following complaints they could hardly catch their breath.

“It shouldn’t afford Tottenham fans a joyous sense of superiority since they are in the Europe League, are behind Arsenal in the league and have come off a draw with West Ham, but somehow given the hilarious predictability of Arsenal’s Arsenalness they have come out on top of their rivals,” explained leading sports psychologist Tim Childs.

Under fire Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger’s post match press conference took a strange turn further embarrassing the esteemed club. In an attempt to deflect from his side’s woeful performance Wenger seem to pretend to have trouble with removing his oversized jacket, constantly grabbing at the zip while desperately looking at the assembled media.

“Oh no, it appears my jacket zip is giving me trouble again, what ever will I do, come on guys you used to love this shit,” Wenger said out loud as he desperately hoped a black hole would appear out of nowhere and swallow him whole.