Eastenders’ Reveal Lucy Beale’s Killer To Be Terrible Plot


AFTER much fanfare and speculation television soap Eastenders finally revealed the identity of Lucy Beale’s killer.

Online social media sparked into a cacophonous blitz of tweets and posts after Lucy’s killer turned out to be none other than her half-brother Bobby, who carried out the murder with the aid of terrible writing.

“We were nervous at how people would react to reveal that this whole Lucy Beale murderer would turn out to be a shocking twist on the terrible plot commonly present in soaps,” shared Eastenders writer Gavin Cumiskey.

“Some have said the real killer is the terrible plot which just felt thrown together in the hope that some shite would make sense,” he added, “we worked for 10 long months to achieve that effect”.

Despite Eastenders successfully making people care about the death of a fictional character in a soap more than they do about everyday murders occurring outside their windows, many critics have panned the reveal and the plot in general.

“I think a few fans are outraged because so many moments in the run up to the reveal had hinted at another person being the killer,” shared Daily Mirror TV critic Jason Fields referring to the countless instances where the soap’s writers subtly pointed the finger of suspicion at Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe.


“It’s a shame the Mugabe angle was hinted at so readily only to be replaced with some kid who has had a few lines of dialogue I guess,” added Fields.

Eastenders also confirmed that after 30 years the soap would undergo a dramatic change of style due to new and upcoming terrible plots.

Starting later this year Eastenders will rebrand in a move away from the soap format and become a show focused on the paranormal to reflect the fact long deceased people keep coming back from the dead. It is believed an ancient Indian burial ground will be involved.

Last night’s episode ended with the trademark theme music’s ‘dun dun dun’ percussion but lasted close to 30 minutes in an effort to hammer home just how shocking a twist the terrible plot was.