Eurovision Organisers Admit They Haven’t Looked At A Map In Years


FOLLOWING the inclusion of Australia in this year’s Eurovision, the competition’s organisers have conceded to the media that is has been some time since they’ve consulted a map.

Celebrating its 60th year this year, the Eurovision remains a huge television and entertainment success story, but the entirely transparent event has now taken a knock to its credibility.

“It seems obvious now when you say it, but we really should have done more research before accepting Australia into the competition,” explained head Eurovision organiser Wolfgang Moroder, “geography is not our strong suit”.

Fans of the popular song contest admitted their displeasure at learning of Australia’s entry, with fans from European heavyweights such as Russia calling the selection process into question.

“At first I thought they meant Austria, but then I realised they were clearly idiots,” explained Eurovision super fan Emily Sobolta.

Eurovision organisers have now been inundated with emails from fans providing handy ways to remember which countries are in Europe and which are not.

“And I was wondering why the Yugoslavians hadn’t returned my calls in years,” organiser Moroder added after finally being shown a map.

Rumours that pop duo and walking advertisement for contraception Jedward are interested in representing Australia has been put to bed by organisers in forceful fashion.

“We’re obviously stupid, but not that stupid. If they’re chosen, we’ll fully enforce the ‘Euro’ part of Eurovisiona and kick Australia out,” admitted Moroder as he continued to scan the map.

“Ah, no way is Belgium beside France, seriously? I might have to buy one of these maps things for my birthday,” Moroder concluded.