Delight On Social Media As Archivists Uncover Long-Lost Marilyn Monroe Quotes


THERE were virtual tears of joy shed across all social media platforms today as archivists announced they had uncovered more than 1,500 previously unheard Marilyn Monroe quotes while renovating a library in Washington.

The quotes, believed to have been spoken by the iconic bombshell between 1955 and her untimely death in 1962, are said to cover a wide range of topics including being proud of who you are, and how to know when someone is really your friend.

Snippets of dialogue from Monroe have become a much sought-after commodity following the rise of the internet meme, in which a stock photo is used in connection with something the actress/ model may or may not have said, which is then posted on the social media profiles of thousands of insecure people, online.

These memes have been known to attract hundreds of likes, shares and comments, but their value has dipped in recent years due to overuse. As such, today’s treasure trove of soundbites could have massive implications for the social media marketplace, with millions worldwide waiting to get their hands on Marilyn’s nuggets of wisdom.

“We were clearing out a back storeroom when we came across an old, unmarked box, ” said Dr. Jack Holden, chief archivist of the Washington Public Library. “Opening it, we found hundreds, maybe thousands of quotes, sound bites and one-liners, all written by Marilyn Monroe herself. Listen to this one; ‘You can ring all you want, but I’m just gonna turn the TV up!”… and here’s another one; “I’d never let a man tell me I couldn’t get a burger and chicken wings for dinner”… There’s one here for literally every situation a woman aged 14-85 could possibly find herself in”.

The newly-found quotes will be catalogued and archived before being made available to the public later this year.